Personal Training

At FIT, we’re committed to helping you get results.

FIT has a talented team of trainers, who have a range of qualifications including Sport Science, Applied Science Human Movement, Exercise Prescription (rehabilitation), Cert 3 & 4 Fitness , and many other specialist qualifications including Metabolic Precision, Group fitness instruction, Radical Master Trainer,Weight & Olympic lifting, Nutrition, Level I & II Strength & Conditioning, Pilates (Mat & Apparatus).

Why seek the aid of a Personal Trainer?

It is the most effective way to reach your health and fitness goals  making sure that you use that time effectively.

Our trainers provide practical and realistic solutions for addressing your health and fitness in the ‘real world’,  for ‘real people’.

All of our qualified trainers are there to support & encourage you whilst you learn new skills and engage in challenging activities. They aim to design programs that are focused on giving you the best opportunity to achieve your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, train for a specific event, recover from an injury,  or just to help you continue to live  a healthy, active lifestyle and feel your best.



Exceed your personal fitness and wellness goals

Increase your level of base conditioning progressively

Offer you guidance and support  through this physical, psychological and emotional experience

Customize your training to address  your  unique fitness profile

Design a goal oriented program

We’ll challenge you to push past your limits and help you look and feel better than ever.


Are you ready to get started………..Come and see us!